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My Part Arrived Damaged! Now What?!

In a perfect world, all of our orders would be delivered on time, in immaculate condition, but we all know that damage is inevitable. In these cases, we do our best to make a disappointing situation as painless as we possibly can.

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My Part is Damaged. What’s My First Step?

That largely depends on where the carrier is, but we will cover as many scenarios as we think you may encounter.


IF THE CARRIER IS THERE, your first step is to kindly but firmly ask them to wait while you inspect the package or pallet. Delivery drivers are on a tight schedule, but they are required to allow you to check for damage. We HIGHLY recommend you, or someone you trust open ANY package that has damage to the outside of the box, crate, or whatever was used as an outer layer. If there is damage to the part, your second step is CALL US IMMEDIATELY. Take pictures with a digital camera or cell phone 


IF THE CARRIER HAS GONE, your first step is the same as the second step if the carrier was still there: CALL US IMMEDIATELY. At this point, we cannot have you send the damaged part back with the carrier, but that may not be the preferred method. Take pictures of the packaging and the damaged part. DO NOT disassemble the part any further. DO NOT try to attempt a “simple repair” like a bent fitting or crimped fuel line. If you modify the part IN ANY WAY, even if it arrived damaged, anything you do could void the warranty and be stuck with it as-is.

You are Closed and the Driver is Here. What now?


  • NEVER let the delivery driver leave until you point out the damage. Some ground carriers will insist on taking the damaged package with them, rather than leave it with you. Let them take it, and contact us the next business day. If they insist that they cannot take it back on that truck, there may be a good reason for it, but MAKE SURE the driver notes the damage in their handheld scanner or however they have to do it, and be sure to note their name.


  • NEVER sign a bill of lading for a freight shipment. Your signature will act as proof that you inspected the delivery and there is nothing wrong with it. If the freight driver will not leave the shipment (and they shouldn’t) without a signature, let them load it back onto the truck and take it to the terminal. Contact us as soon as we are open for further instructions.


  • NEVER throw away the damaged part OR the packaging that it came in unless we tell you otherwise. We may need you to send us pictures so we or our vendor can file a claim after we get your order taken care of.

How Much Longer do I Have to Wait Now?

If your part was damaged in transit, we want to get you a replacement as quickly and securely as possible. If there is stock to replace the part, we may be able to get another shipped out the same day. We usually have the part shipped via regular ground service, but in some cases, we are able to escalate the issue and have the part arrive faster than the original did. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. If the part you ordered is not available through the same channels as the original, we will work with another vendor or salvage partner to replace the part.

This Can’t Possibly Cost Me Anything, Right?

The short answer is no, AS LONG AS you have not attempted to repair the part in any way. As mentioned above, anything you do to a part that has arrived damaged is not the fault of the carrier and may cause them to be let off the hook for the original damage as well.


If the damage is in no way your fault, we will send a replacement out at absolutely no additional cost to you. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY if you ordered the wrong part. In those cases, you will have to pay the cost of the replacement part, shipping to you, return shipping for the wrong part ordered, and a restocking fee in most cases). Please keep any pictures of the damage handy, and DO NOT throw away the part or packaging until we tell you to do so, or give you different instructions.

What If I Order a Part I Don’t Need Right Now?

A lot of customers will order parts for their machines with the intention of installing them when they have time days, weeks, or sometimes months after they order them. There are many reasons for this, but you should always inspect your parts ASAP, even if you won’t be able to install them right away.


We recommend that any moving parts, such as pumps and gears, be installed before the warranty period has expired in case there is any issue with the function that external damage cannot indicate. You should still ALWAYS inspect the part even if it has no moving components. For example, the warehouse where about half of our new aftermarket radiators ship requires any and all damage to be reported within 7 days of receiving it.


We will do everything we are authorized to do to replace your damaged parts if you do not inspect them within the warranty period, but we CAN NOT guarantee the same outcome as if you had inspected the part upon arrival. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Wow. This FAAQ Is Making Me Nervous. How Often Does this Happen?

The VAST majority of our shipments arrive at our customers’ locations with no issue. As with anything in life, if you do something enough times, there will be a problem once or twice. Thankfully, only a small percentage of the thousands of shipments we send become an issue.  We just want you to have the knowledge in your arsenal to handle them if any arise.