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My Order Can Only Ship Freight. What Does That Mean?

In This Section We Will Cover all the Important Questions You Have About Shipping Your Parts Order on a Freight Truck. We Will Give You the Why, When, How Much, How Long, and What You Can do to Make the Process as Painless as Possible.

Why Can’t UPS or FedEx Ground Deliver it?

UPS is the most common carrier for ground shipping in our industry. They will NOT accept shipments exceeding 150 pounds, and more than 5’ in length, depth, or height.


Most orders for tractor or excavator glass are not shipped via UPS, because you are more likely to receive a bag of tempered glass shards than an intact windshield. For the same reason, some parts that are not made of glass and weigh less than 150 pounds will also not be shipped on a UPS truck. When parts arrive damaged, it creates a headache for everyone involved, and we avoid them at all costs.

What Parts Have to Ship Freight?

As I mentioned above, most glass MUST ride on a freight truck, but some will brave the UPS journey. Anything over 150 pounds, or with too many delicate components on the outside will have to ride freight. If any part has to ship via freight, it will be noted in the part description, and you will not be able to place the order online.

How Long Will it Take?

Typically freight shipments take 1-2 business days longer than ground shipping, but you are often given the option to pay for a quicker lead time. Once the product has been picked up from wherever it is shipping, we will send you the name of the freight carrier and a PRO number. You can search that number just like a UPS tracking number on the carrier’s website.

What is Freight Shipping Going to Cost Me?

Just like any package you mail or send via UPS or any other ground carrier, the price depends on distance, weight, and dimensions. It also depends on where it is coming from. We get regular freight traffic at our office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but some of our parts ship directly from our vendors who ship so much, their costs are even lower. Either way, we are able to shop several major carriers, and can offer some of the cheapest freight shipping in our business.


For example, a 4-cylinder Cummins 4T390 engine weighs about 500 pounds and will fit on a standard 40 x 40 x 6 inch pallet. Freight shipping to business with a loading dock, or a forklift to unliad the truck in the lower 48 States, within 100 miles of a metropolitan area averages $300.


That’s a lot of qualifiers, which brings you to your next question:

How Can I Get the Cheapest Rates?

If you do not own a physical building in a commercial zone with a loading dock or a forklift, find someone who does and will let you have your parts shipped there!


In all seriousness, that’s the most effective way, because the freight company will charge $80 or more to deliver in a residential area, assuming the semi and trailer can get to the address, and at least another $80 to lower the part onto your driveway using a lift-gate. Of course, if the tractor-trailer can get to your location and you’re willing to pay for those additional services, we can have your parts shipped to your house, or directly to your job site.

Do I Have to Be Present When the Truck Arrives?

No, but we highly recommend it! Someone has to sign for the delivery, and if it’s best if it is you. We realize your time is essential, and we can’t always offer you a tight time frame, but we can request that the driver contact you approximately 30 minutes before they will arrive. If you can be on-site, it will save you a lot of potential headaches, and here’s why:


If you or someone who knows what they’re looking for are not there when the truck is unloaded, there may be damage to the parts or packaging, and entire pieces of your order may be missing. While we and our vendors do our best to package and prepare freight to make it to you in good order, issues do happen. If there is a problem with your order when it arrives, the absolute best time to take care of it is before you sign the paperwork on the driver’s clipboard. If we are open, call us! We may have you return the item on the very same truck if necessary. If we are not open, and there is a problem, refuse the shipment and call us the next business day so we can tell you exactly how we will proceed.

Any and All Other Freight Questions:

CALL OR EMAIL US! We have been shipping parts in a variety of ways to tens of thousands of destinations. We can make your freight shipping experience as painless as possible, and we are happy to answer any question you can think of to help all of us achieve that.