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I Bought a Hydraulic Pump from You. Do I Need to do Anything Before Installing it?

In this Section, We are Going to Make Sure that You Avoid one of the Most Common Mistakes Customers Make AFTER Purchasing a Hydraulic Pump, Drive Motor, Swing Motor, Valve Bank, or Shuttle Transmission BEFORE they Install it. *Please Note This Article IS NOT a How-To Flush Your Hydraulic System or Perform ANY Preventative Maintenance on Your Specific Type, Make, or Model of Equipment. ALWAYS Refer to the Machine Manufacturer for the Proper Instructions.*

Table of Contents

Why Did My Old Pump/Motor Fail?

This is a question that is best asked before ordering a new pump because there are a variety of factors that can cause a hydraulic pump or motor to fail. Among them are what I call the 4 main “pump killers:”


  1. Mechanical Failure to the Input Shaft: This is generally caused by an extreme load on the pump due to a problem with the pressure relief components designed to prevent overloading, or slack between the shaft and coupling causing shaft fretting.

  2. Cavitation: Simply put, the pump is starved of oil, causing a myriad of problems.

  3. Over Pressurization: Again, when pressure relief components fail or are adjusted higher than what the pump is designed to handle, gradual or catastrophic failure is imminent.

  4. System Contamination: Your hydraulic system has dozens of moving parts, and even more than hydraulic oil flows through. Over time, any of these components can wear away or corrode, leaving small particles of rubber, plastic, rust, dirt and grime, and metal shavings. If this “trash” is not flushed out, it WILL cause damage to your system, including your new pump.


You really need to determine or have a mechanic determine the exact cause of your pump failure and check the pressure relief valves, pump coupler(s), etc… to make sure that any external issue that caused your old pump to fail is addressed, so it doesn’t cause the same or worse damage to your new pump

Do I Really Need to Flush the System?

Absolutely! I will make this short and sweet. If you do not flush your hydraulic system, the contaminated oil WILL flow through your new pump. That contamination WILL cause damage. Our manufacturers and we WILL be able to tell that your system was not properly flushed beforehand, and we WILL NOT be liable for any damage to that pump, or your machine. Please don’t take the risk. Flush, or have your system flushed before you install one of our pumps or motors.

How do I Flush My Hydraulic System?

This one is simple. Please refer to the information available from the manufacturer of your machine and pump. We never want to give you inaccurate information that could cause harm to you or your property. We service our own machines according to manufacturer specs and recommend you do the same.

I Did Everything Right but the New Pump Isn't Working. What Now?

In this unfortunate instance, we need you to call us before you do anything else once it becomes apparent that your replacement pump is not working properly. Any unauthorized inspection of or any attempt to modify or repair the pump WILL void the parts warranty. While issues in the manufacturing of our pumps are few and far between, when a problem arises, it becomes our #1 priority, and we will resolve it as quickly as possible.